Dream to have your own boat... achieve the dream has never been easier.
We offer you the charter management program, which allows you to own a vessel with minimal costs.

What is a charter management program?

Charter management program involves the business relationship between you as the owner of the boat and us as a base and booking agent. The most important thing for you and your boat is to have the right partner, someone to watch your boat as their own and maintain it perfectly. How to make your boat operating well and carrying profit we created diversified network of reputable agents and made a base of many loyal and regular guests. You need to choose the boat you want to buy, we will provide the necessary assistance and support in the purchase, importation and transportation. When the vessel arrives at the base we take the maintenance and booking, and your only have to choose the dates you want to use your own boat. Charter management program allows you to own a vessel with: - minimum investment - additional income from the rental charter - regular and professional maintenance of your boat - the use of vessels for your own use without charge the so-called "owner's week" - after the repayment period, the value of well-preserved vessel

Division of charter income:

Owner is to finance (65% of income):
  • Annual berth
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance of the vessel

Leasing Agency is to finance (35% of income):
  • Agency commission of subagents
  • Promotion and marketing of vessel
  • Central booking managment
  • Reception and guest accommodation on board

Step by step...

  1. Contact us, together we will consider your wishes and possibilities.
  2. Select a boat ... to choose sailboat, catamaran, or something else is your decision at the end. We will still assist with a recommendation of most requested and the most profitable vessels so that you can purchase really worthwhile, and we will put together a program for your desired boat repayment. You can own the yacht as legal entities or private person from EU
  3. Selection of bookkeeping office... no matter if you are owner as a legal entity or private person, you should have bookkeeping office that will follow you for the financial part of the business.
  4. Buying a boat... vessel can be financed in different ways: credit, leasing or cash. The best and most common way is leasing. 25% of the boats value is participated immediately and the rest is divided into equal monthly or quarterly installments.
  5. Import and transportation
  6. Maintenance... when the vessel arrives at the base we assume all the obligations over obtaining the required documentation for the performance of the charter business by the laws of Croatia, as well as all activities related to vessel and equipment maintenance. All transactions are performed with the approval and in agreement with the owner. We are particularly proud of quality and professional maintenance with careful investment. The vessels in our fleet are proof of the quality of our work.
  7. Condition of the vessel after the repayment period ... professional and continuous maintenance and care for your boat are a guarantee that after the repayment period vessel will be preserved and valuable. Vessels in our fleet since the first day and after five, six or more years look flawless.
  8. Owner’s week ... owner has the right to use the vessel as agreed in the season with a reservation in advance and all free weeks when the boat is not booked for the guests. The stay on a yacht does not cost, it is only necessary to pay the Transit log fee, choose the date and enjoy.